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Screen and Window Shop : Privacy Policy

This policy addresses user privacy, system security, and data collection practices. This Privacy Policy Statement only applies to the Screen and Window Shop. website. Information presented on the website is considered copyright and may not be distributed or duplicated without express written consent.

System Data Collection

For system security and stability, the Screen and Window Shop uses network-monitoring software to prevent unauthorized access. Unauthorized attempts to upload information or change information on this website are strictly prohibited. The Screen and Window Shop also automatically gathers statistical information to analyze the usage and technical performance of the website.

Voluntary Data Collection and Retention

All personal information submitted to Screen and Window Shop is voluntary. When you choose to submit data on the website, you are consenting to the conditions outlined in this policy. Personally-identifiable information is not gathered unless explicitly provided by you (for example, name, address, or e-mail address). Collected information is used in processing requested products or handling user inquiries according to designated purposes. At the point of information collection, it is explained how the information will be used, allowing you to determine whether or not to release the data. Collected information is periodically purged after its usefulness is passed.

Privacy Act System of Records

The Screen and Window Shop does not maintain and retrieve information submitted to it based upon personal identifiers—name and email addresses). Consequently, the Screen and Window Shop does not use or collect information for any Privacy Act System of Records.

Dispute Resolution

If you believe this website violates these principles, please notify the Screen and Window Shop using our contact email. Non-compliant webpages will be corrected.

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